Soulwriting - mensajes canalizados
There are as many worlds
as there are beings


Don´t be afraid of your biggest dreams & visions. Everything we can imagine exists already in the magnificent field of every single information.

Sometimes it is about to train the brain, which is normally living in the past. Sometimes it´s about to nurture the body with new wonderful messages. Sometimes it´s just about to feel…
Become aligned with everything to make it real and trust the timing.


Become aware.
Aware of the magic – the unknown
The Invisible
play with it and you will love it.

The power and love
of the divine field
shows up through us
as soon we connect
again to everything
time- and spaceless.

Separation creates time
our mind creates separation
comeback to union.


Surrender into the nothing
is surrender into the everything.

The field of infinite time &
infinite love…

You created your thoughts and beliefs
in your past.
Emotions are created in your past.
The biggest changes in your life can happen, when you go much deeper
out of your mind out of your past
when you remember

on this path you lift up your frequency
your energy and you are able to heal yourself

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Comeback to yourself, and you will get much further than you can imagine. -Mandy-
Mandy Gasser