Biodynamic Craniosacral Treatments

A relaxing therapy that helps to find the body's self-healing processes, increasing vitality and well-being.

Our body speaks to us through symptoms for example when we have distanced ourselves too much, when we are stressed, etc.. I consider our body to be an absolutely intelligent being and want to treat it exactly as it is – with love and sensitivity.

. This is how I offer you my biodynamic Craniosacral Treatments, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Chakra Balancing and more. In my sessions I go into a deeper connection with your being, your body and all that is and I allow the healing energy can flow through me and my hands directly to you.

A force flows within us that moves, invigorates and nourishes us from within. The Breath of Life.


Biodynamic craniosacral bodywork is a very subtle, exact and considerate form of therapy which addresses both the body and the spirit as a whole, supporting it’s self-healing potential on every level with astonishing effects on somatic, psychic and spiritual processes. The two poles – cranium and sacrum – form a unit together with the brain and the spinal cord membranes in which the brain‘s fluid pulsates rhythmically. This rhythm can be perceived as a very fine tidal movement within our body. Behind this rhythmic movement of the brains fluid‘s lies a great power, this primal energy of life initiates this movement. This power is called “the breath of life“ and manifests itself throughout the entire body, regulating all bodily functions.

By paying close attention to this cranio sacral energy it‘s possible to detect disruptions caused by traumas and inherited patterns in the fine movements of bones, membranes and bodily fluids.

Through silent perception and by means of subtle touches we activate the
self-healing potential of the body to restore inner harmony. In this process we support both physical and spiritual health, invigorating resources for positive changes.


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