Mind treatments

Don't be afraid of your biggest dreams and visions. Everything we can imagine exists already in the magnificent space of ​​each information.​

To walk on your way in the outside world with the greatest of ease; It is very good to understand your path from your inner world first and then bring them both together...

Healing begins when we allow and accept what is, when we let go, listen, look, feel what it is about. Love accepts without judgment.

Fear often makes us stay where we are – in our comfort zone and it’s usually not that comfortable but at least we know it.

As soon as we go into silence, connect with ourselves, calm down for a moment, we are able to see, feel, hear… For me, connecting with ourselves means connecting with love and everything that is and from this state is everything possible. It is wonderful for me to accompany you on your very own individual journey.

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Once we fully reconnect with ourselves, we can love and appreciate ourselves, we see more clearly, make decisions more easily and live more consciously and peacefully.

Each of my healing sessions begins with a guided meditation to allow our consciousness to rest for a moment, connect with ourselves and bring our brain into a deeply relaxed state (theta brainwave), allowing direct access to your subconscious, so that we can work with love for body, mind and soul.

This inner work is a way of life in order to be able to live in harmony with ourselves and our environment. We are often allowed to let go of emotions and feelings that are connected to experiences from our past so that we can then look through our lives again with the curious eyes of a child. It’s simple and yet so important.

Much more is possible, but our consciousness cannot grasp or understand it. Our brain works “in the past”, our feelings or emotions usually arise because we are triggered in a certain situation, which are unconsciously linked to previous experiences.

By using various techniques we can free ourselves from negative or limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We expand our inner horizons and thus change our attitude to life and reality. We can provide the subconscious with positive information.

In this way you activate your own self-healing resources and you are able to solve problems permanently. Releasing blockages and fears also resolves inner conflicts and leads to more harmony in your life.

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Sometimes it’s about training the brain, which usually lives in the past. Sometimes it’s about nourishing the body with wonderful new messages. Sometimes you’re about to feel… Align yourself with everything to make it real and trust in the right moment.

What can a healing session support you with?

Letting go does not mean losing. It's more of an opening to the unknown...


Many times it is simply a matter of leaving behind the old and knowing “comfortzone” and opening up to the new and unknown.

Love is just there without judgment, fear often stops us from moving forward.

Every person is an individual, every situation is unique, so different approaches are needed depending on where you are. We can work with our body, our soul, our consciousness… support ourselves from outside, that means with healthy food, exercise, social contacts… whatever and usually all methods intertwine.

Healing goes much further and deeper than our conscious awareness can grasp. Healing can be easy and full of love.

Mandy Gasser